its way towards the U.S. East Coast, poised to make landfall near Atlantic City on Jersey Shore in the evening. The city itself is like a ghost town, with casinos shuttered, tou.

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victims hit by the heavy winter rains may use infrastructure from Ecuador. A total of 116 Colombians were killed by heavy rains generated by the phenomenon of "La Nina" last year,.

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ermined to work together with its South American neighbors to achieve prosperity, a top Brazilian diplomat said Monday. At a meeting with South American diplomats in the capital Br.

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he violence. Brazil opposes measures involving external interference or sanctions against Syria, calling for an internal solution that would guarantee human rights and reforms dema.

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there in April 2004, was attending the Seventh International Colloquium for the Release of the Cuban Five in the eastern city of Holguin. The colloquium is also aimed against U.S.

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ater resources will be added to the system," Rodriguez said. Panama is facing a steadily increasing power demand due to its economic development. Asep has predicted that Panama's .

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up to a drill ship on the surface, according to BP. Special Report: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Video: Oil slick movement difficult to contain ? Oil from the Deepwater Horizon o.

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zed by authorities. The apprehension was the result of a four month-long investigation which was launched by authorities aiming at the Asian crime gangs. Valuable items such as top.

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suspicious package was reported at W 46th Street and 7th Avenue, according to police sources. Pedestrians in the area were also evacuated, but office buildings were undisturbed, .

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