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he military also seized some weapons and explosives in Saturday's operation. The war with rebels in Colombia has lasted more than five decades, claiming 600,000 lives and leaving s

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new lawsuit against British oil giant BP with the Texas state court for charges of negligent misrepresentation, business disparagement and defamation over the April 20, 2010 acci

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istry (SSP) said in a statement. The statement said Rejon, 35, joined the Mexican military in 1993, but deserted in 1999 to join other soldiers providing security services for the

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during a dismounted patrol operation, about 25 kilometers southwest of Kandahar City, in Afghanistan. Petty Officer Second Class Craig Blake, 37, father of two, became the first Ca

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artment of Forestry and Fire Protection and other state agencies have been mobilized to secure and deploy additional resources and personnel to save lives and protect homes state

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he Bolivian government. Bolivia's government, meanwhile, has refused to grant him safe conduct to travel to Brazil, saying the senator is a defendant in a series of court cases rel

google playstore -非洲人种配人种大全

ichael Walsh, president of the Mississippi River Commission, told reporters before opening the bay of the Morganza spillway to redirect water into other areas. The opening of the