3 million people of Chinese ancestry living in Canada as well as over 42,000 Chinese students studying in Canada. Senior Canadian parliamentarians also stressed the importance of m.

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in territorial spars between Russia and Japan. Crowley repeated his stance that the United States supports Japan and recognizes Japanese sovereignty over the islands. But he said .

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ro of the Republic of Cuba." The medal, one of the highest honors in Cuba, was awarded to Casas by the State Council for his "outstanding record of service to the Revolution and hi.

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n the matter. The power plant was jointly-run by Brazil and Paraguay, and the two countries have been negotiating heavily since the 1960s. The terms of Itaipu treaty, which expires.

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o it is a titanic task," Caballero explained. "We are bringing most in motor launches, but a lot of the medicine came onshore by helicopters," he added. Mexico's first intervention.

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by the president and by the Congress," lamented Carney, calling the "birther" issue "an unfortunate distraction from the issues that I think most Americans care about. " WASHING .

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Algeria 1-0 on Wednesday, and he said the call from the President was an honour for him and his players. "We were honoured before a big match to receive a call from President Oba.

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ctured goods supported more than 100,000 jobs in 2008, with two states registering more than 700,000 -- California with 737,600 jobs, and Texas with 731,000. Other states with larg.

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rman Van Rompuy said here on Sunday that a two-day bi-regional summit served to bolster Europe's ties with Latin American countries. Van Rompuy made his remarks after the closing .

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